Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Nice day for a white wedding...

Posted by Acacia at 09:37
Good afternoon my little bagels of joy! And what a wonderous day it is, they say a wedding day is all about the dress and you know what! Theyre right! We spent hours (By we, I mean me -.-) scouring SL to find the perfect dress for my blushing bride, but, I really am a lucky girl, and of course I couldn't be happier... It brings a tear to a glass eye, so it does... I feel the pictures really do speak for themselves in this one... Have a happy lovey valentines to those who do believe in the holiday and someone to share it with and for those who think it's shit, have a pie and a pint! <3

Word of the Day: Prenuptial

Tune of the Day: Billy Idol - White Wedding

And now for the pics!

He looks like a right huffy bride in that last one, le sigh :P No pleasing some folk, cheer up! It's your wedding day!
The Bride wore: (Shaggy)
Shape - mine
Skin - Clown xy by Fallen Gods
Shaved Hair - JOMO
Hair - Exploited Jet Black by Little Britain
Outfit - Doll Bride by Wishbox
Gasmask - Tonktastic
Tattoo - Are you scared by Endless Pain Tattoos
Necklace - Edith/white by Apple May Designs
Boots - Js Studded Long Boots White
Bouquet - Sunshine Daisy Bouquet -.NeverM0re.
And the Groom wore: (Acacia)
Eyes:  Shine by ID
Annnnd ta-da! I'm off to erm, enjoy the honeymoon! but, it's all good, I had him sign a pre-nup <3
xxx Muaz!!!!


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