Sunday, 3 February 2013

Embrace me, surround me As the rush comes...

Posted by Acacia at 12:58
Bonjour mon petite choux (I can never remember if that's cabbage or pastry, either way, hello!) I have prettiness for you today, yes, yes I do! Hair courtsey of Truth, he really is on a roll... Annnd the shirt my barbie is modelling is courtesy of my very own lovebunny Ms. Alexandria Enchanted's label couer. She's only recently started in the mesh world but me thinks you'll agree it's rather yummy. She also does kick arse shapes, so have a looksee m'loves. The jeans are also some of my faves in sl, theyre by clusterphuk, and i lovey them. That is all.
 The other day I recieved some real life mail, and feel the need to share this with you, it's a card, and ive been told i'm not allowed to open it until the obvious day... But, on the envelope it states my name and below that it says 'Sex Inc Ltd' Now, my trolling postman waited until he actually saw someone leave the house and handed this to my MUM. -.- Shaggy, you're an evil man <3 .

Word of the Day: Flagrant

Tune of the Day: As the Rush Comes - Gabriel and Dresden mix


Ta ra for now you darling little snugglehumpers <3


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