Wednesday, 6 February 2013

I'm not a perfect person, there's many things I wish I didnt do... But I continue learning...

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I feel incredibly sappy and girly right now o.o Some might say it has something to do with the impending Valentines day crap, and the fact I'm not spending it 'alone', some might say it's because I had the sweetest damn dream last night ...(No, I'm not telling ya'll about it, it ended up being less than PG :P)  But it isnt, it's because he really does get me... Yay him. I went to bed super retarded early last night and dork knight was the last thing I thought about, and when I woke up, once again, on the retarded side of early, the first thing I thought of... Dear god, I may actually be a damn girl afterall! Anyways, while I sit here and swoon and make googly eyes I have some wonderfuly yummy hair for you all from the delectable Lelutka, I'm also test running a new skin, Ive been in glam affair so long this is kinda touchy for me, i'm not good with change, and I had to do face editing, I even bought a shape, which I gave up on because that didnt look right either o.o I just don't know if I like it. Ive had mixed reviews, wifey likes it, another wifey likes it, besty likes it, other besty hasnt been around to ask :o annnnd Shaggy doesnt like it... Meep! Balls! Balls I say, so any feedback on my face, much appreciated!

Word of the Day : Balls

Tune of The Day: Hoobastank - The Reason (<3)

Picturey Thinimiebobs!


Shape: Acacia tweaked to hell, idk if i like it anymore bah!
Skin: Ava Med 1 by Belleza
Hair: Josephine Hair Marilyn by Lelutka
Eyes: Blue Glass Eyes by Clemmm
Shirt: Graphic Tee - Merci Beau Coup (older c88 item) by -tb-
Pants: Kay Pants by Molichino
Cardigan: Casual Cardi Black by Beusy
Shoes: Sloane pumps by {mon tissu}
Pearls: Pearl Rain set by Mandala

Muaz, my lovely little pandas, i'm going to bask in gooey sappiness for the rest of the day, or until it gets ballsed up <3


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