Sunday, 21 April 2013

I raise my flags, don my clothes, It's a revolution, I suppose...

Posted by Acacia at 09:03
Once upon a time there was a blogger named Acacia and she lived in a little box on the interwebz with a mouse named Hector and she and Hector liked to eat cake and go shopping! And now we're all up to date. I bring you newness! SAKIDE has released a whole pile of sexy for the Fantasy Faire! The Fantasy Faire is now in it's 5th year and brings together over 130 of SL's top fantasy creators spread across 10 sim's, so really it's worth taking a few hours and going - a - rambling. And of course it's all for a good cause The American Cancer Society. Fantasy Faire 2013 will be open to the public April 20 -28 and accessible from the American Cancer Society sim. SAKIDE's release include this stunning corset and pumps, the pumps come in a variety of colours with dinky little hud controlled changey colour spikes down the heels! And the corset is just breathtakingly yummy and of course no shape changes were needed to make it fit! (YAY! Thank you Kinu!) That's my biggest peeve with mesh, actually it's my only peeve, I hate editing myself lol.
Addendum: Ive had to re-read this five times because Shaggy spent the whole time I was writing it trying to distract me and make me type what he was saying, which was all incredibly perverted -.- Anywho's on with the post! Enjoy!

Word of the Day: Addendum

Tune of the Day: Imagine Dragons - Radioactive

Skin: Thursday - Beach 01 by Essences
Hair: Nydia w/roots - Pearl by Truth
Crown: Flower Crown - The Revenge by Beusy
Corset: Ryu Corset - Black by [ SAKIDE ] @Fantasy Faire NEW!
Shoes: Hebi Pumps - Black by [ SAKIDE ] @Fantasy Faire NEW!
Armwarmers: Leather Armwarmers - Black by [ SAKIDE ]
Shorts: Hanalei Shorts - Black by {mon tissue}
Full Tattoo: Nature Tangled in my Body by -UtopiaH-
Chest Tattoo: Rosary Tattoo by Luck Inc  (V.Old possibly unavailable)
Nails & Knuckles: Painful Blow SPiked Rings, Bands and Sharp Nails by -UtopiaH-
Bag: Your Tablet Bag - Keep Calm by [ glow ] studio @TDFR

Muah's from Hector and I <3


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