Saturday, 6 April 2013

If we live our life in fear, I'll wait a thousand years t to see you smile again...

Posted by Acacia at 13:30
Good evening my cherubic little porcupines of pleasure! Today I bringeth you... Wonder Woman! *spins around get's dizzy and falls down*
 Well, now that's out of the way... BOOM released a few sexy as hell bikini's with appliers for TDRF, annnd they're so cute, and based on some feisty super wimins! Today I have on the wonder woman Amazon Princess number, it's cute as hell, along with some N-core, older Truth (so, so glad I never throw anything away) and a few other bits and bobs, so do enjoy and get your butts down to TDFR! You should also hop over to Jaded's blog, she showed off her inner She-Ra last week :P
 And as always a mention of my love monkey... Your face... I still like that shit, ten months on...(Told you I never throw stuff away!) <33 Shaggy!

Word of the Day: Idiolect

Tune of the Day: Muse - Resistance

Skin: Amberly America - 06 by Glam Affair
Hair: Tahnee - Night by Truth
Bikini: Amazon Princess Bikini by *BOOM*
Headband: Arachzis Circlet by The Plastik
Eye Makeup: S.Eyeliners M6 - Yellow by - DAMNED -
Eyeliner: Party Eyeliner - Gold by Glam Affair
Shoes: Delicious - Black by N-core
Tattoos: Punched Stars Pelvis Tattoo & Piercing by -UtopiaH-

Boo-Ya! <3


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