Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Who'd have ever thought of it, who'd have ever dreamed... That a small town girl like you would be the boss of me...

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Good afternoon my little love strudels! How are we all doing today? Wonderful! I assume you say good, as when posed with that question, most people are rather dishonest in their responses... In fact, if we were to poll it, I'm sure the entire world would be a jubilant bunch. Anyways, I digress... Shopping! I have THINGS! Lot's of pretty, shiny, new things! To start us off, these glasses... I'm kind of in love with the dorky cuteness of them, I love accessories, and these are fantastic, frankly the advert for them does them no justice compared to the finished result. Their made by Girlicious (designed and created by Louine Dover) , a relative newcomer to the shopping world, yet her store on the  marketplace is full of charming little accessories, glasses, nails and even a couple of dresses... These glasses are called Dollglass and are priced at the measly and pocket change price of 49L, so frankly it's sheer silliness if you don't all go buy them. Just sayin'... Onto C88, firstly, I need to not shop at events on the first couple of days of opening... The absolute rudeness of people kills me... By rudeness I mean you can see the sim is incredibly busy and that nothing's rezzing, yet you continue to stomp about in your blingy heels with your tummy talker spewing spammy and scripty text across the place... Maybe it's just me, but I tend to strip down to the bare essentials to hit events, because it really does help make the whole experience more enjoyable for you and the other shoppers... /rant off. Glam Affair! How I love thee... Margot is Glam's C88 skin offering, she comes in 6 makeup options, and is a little pricier than usual at 288L but, let me tell you, she is utterly worth it. The skin comes with a variety of options for brows and comes with a clean version. I'm also sporting the Sea Hole's stunning little tea dress, it's kitschy awesomeness comes from the tentacle motif adorning the skirt, it also comes with a matching handbag (Squee!) And finally We have junk food  jewellery from Yummy, I for one love munching, I may not eat a lot of 'junk' food per se, but damn I will wear that shit with pride! Shaggy will attest to this, there is a fair chance I rate food higher than sexy time :o

Word of the Day: Machinate
 (I was gonna rant about the difference between then and than as some just don't get it, but, meh, too much like hard work!)

Tune of the Day: David Bowie - Boss of Me (His new album is amaze-balls, get it!)

Skin: Margot - America 05 by Glam Affair @C88
Hair: Melk Hair - Powder by Lelutka
Glasses: DollGlass by Girlicious
Earrings: Doughnut Earrings by (Yummy) @C88
Necklace: Junk Food Charm Necklace by (Yummy) @C88
Shoes: Saddle Shoes - Polka Dots by -tb-
Dress: Mesh Tentacle Dress- Deadly Fruit by The Sea Hole @C88
Handbag: Mesh Tentacle Handbag - Deadly Fruit by The Sea Hole @C88

Ta-Ta My lovelies <3


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