Sunday, 7 April 2013

I'll teach you how to destroy an angel, I'll teach you how to destroy yourself...

Posted by Acacia at 06:16
Good morning my lovelies! I was in a somewhat dark mood this morning and got to playing with wings! So I decided to pop a pair on for my bloggerations for today, these are my all time fave wings, they're from Illusions, easy to adjust to size, they come in one big attachment or a right and left separately. Many moons ago I rp'd as an angel, and these became a staple part of my evil little winged beast look. Ive lightened the mood of the picture by throwing on this delectable little frock from Glam Affair, Ive had this a long arsed time, but I really don't think Ive ever worn it, how shocking! I really do love Glam, whether it's skins, makeup, accessories or attire, the quality is beyond compare. I'm in my element. And of course there's a host of Glam newness I'll be getting to in the next couple of days. My serial killers awesomer than yours <3

Word of the Day: Demimonde

Tune of the Day: Deadstar Assembly - How to Destroy an Angel

Skin: Thursday 01 Beach by Essences
Hair: Crys w/roots - Elvira by Truth
Mask: Bad Kitty by *~*Illusions*~*
Wings: Corvus Wings by *~*Illusions*~*
Hairband: Spiky Headband - Black by -UtopiaH-
Collar: Collar 2 by ::Angelicus Collection::
Tattoo: Mayhem - Medium by ::Para Designs::
Tights: Fishnet thin - Black by erratic
Dress: Lena Dress - Black by Glam Affair
Boots: Deuz Boots Metallic - Black by A&Y

<3 nom.


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