Tuesday, 23 April 2013

I took you home, set you on glass... I pulled off your wings, then I laughed...

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Just a wee quickie short post before I venture into the land of nod with a good book, well, not quite nod, I spent the afternoon geeking it out in the library with my nephews. Libraries are wonderful places, so...Perfect, all that knowledge waiting to be ingested, that makes me sound like an utter weirdo, let's strike that from the record and carry on with the fashion, k? Before I bugger off I shall be watching The Following with my fuzzy wee lovey bear serial killer and there shall be shenanigans of the Defiance nature also. But yes,the fashion, of course... Cynful, I don't mention Cynful enough, Cynful's a staple for me, I always buy the event pieces and I always buy the new releases. And without fail, I love them dearly. Well made and easy to fit to my Barbie. Bliss in mesh form. <3

Word of the Day: Prose

Tune of the Day: Deftones - Change (in the house of flies)

Skin: Luria 06 by Glam Affair (last Round of The Arcade)
Hair: Rykiel -Coalmine by Lelutka
Hat: Officer Hat by Sinistyle
Collar: Posture Collar No.04 by (r)M
Piercings: Dermal Spike Piercing and Labret Piercing by <-Puncture->
Brows: Miss Sassy Brow - Black by "tsg"
Makeup: Combat Ink Set -Face Ink by -UtopiaH- @Perfect Wardrobe NEW!
Eyeliner: Pearl Embellished Eyeliner - White by Glam Affair
Nails&Knuckles: Spiked Knuckles and Long Nails by -UtopiaH-
Tattoo: Around Hell - FadedW/o Neck by -UtopiaH-
Cuffs: Picky by ..::Delicious::..
Tights: Crusader Tights by Q
Boots: Deuz Boots - Metallic by A&Y
Dress: First Date - Red by Cynful @C88
Gun: Eightballs by *BREACH* (What can I say, leftover's from my rp days, they're pretty!)

Toodles! <3


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