Tuesday, 2 April 2013

I want your rough house baby, I want this right in your ear...

Posted by Acacia at 13:00
Good evening my little pumpkin-faced love ferrets! I went-a-shopping! I have new Essences and I'm rather taken with it I must say :o I love, love, love Inka's skins, now, that doesnt mean I love my Glam any less, but on this shape the Essences skins work really well, so I'm a very happy bunny! I also picked up pretty boots from A&Y, maybe pretty isnt the correct descriptive adjective, but, either way, I feel theyre incredibly yummy. We also have an offering from SAKIDE the leather armwarmers, a definite winner, I love long gloves and arm covers, I have no idea why, I just do. And these are stunning, fantastic detail on the buckles and I likey a lot. The Suicidal Unborn Denim Mini is exactly that and cute as a button, although without editing the shit out my arse it's never gonna fit perfectly, it's made for a decent bootay this is the xxs size :o and still looks pretty large... But as always, very good detail and looks fantastic. And last but not least Luck Inc released newness!We have dresses and tops oh my! In this post Aca is sporting the Missy top, which as you can see is sexy as hell, and also comes with lolas appliers for all you busty hotties. I tried it with the lolas, and rawr, it really does look great :O I decided against using them in this post, saving them for another planned post as Shaggilicious isnt a big fan I always get ewww comments from the peanut gallery when i show him the pics (!) He's such a meanie! Good thing he's so cute and not a big hairy serial killer... Or is he? <3

Word of the Day: Splenetic

Tune of the Day: NIN- Physical (Adam Ant cover :o )


Skin: Thursday 01 - Beach by Essences @ The Big Boobies Show
Hair: Elisha w/roots -pumpkinpie by Truth
Headband: Spiky Headband - Black by UtopiaH
Collar: BDSM Ring Station Collar by Fet!sh
Shirt: Missy Top - Black by *L.inc*
Skirt:  Spring Denim Mini- Black by -SU!-
Tattoo: Snakebite - Black by Para Designs
Tights: Fishnet Thin - Black by erratic
Stockings: Side Gartered Stockings - Black by League
Boots: Deuz Boots Metalic - Black by A&Y
Armwarmers: Leather Armwarmer - Black by SAKIDE

Bazinga! <3


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