Thursday, 4 April 2013

So kiss me again'... Cause only you can stop the stu-stu-stuttering...

Posted by Acacia at 12:30
I came over all bloggy, which is a good thing, it stops me being a mopey bint... I have been all day, even the planning of the great shark heist of 2013 didn't help... Meep... So let's get on with the post! We haves, pretties from {sms} at TDRF, their offering is a lovely little mid thigh length skirt, I opted for the bright pink and black striped but there are a couple of others to choose from. As always really nice mesh work, fantastic texturing, didnt need to edit myself to fit one of the many size options included, win! Ive also got on the new Magika release for this one, Rewind, Ive had it since release day and just havent blogged it yet, I do love it, but other hairs kept cropping up every time I went to use it... Bad hairs! rewind is cute as hell an over the shoulder rolled plait with a cord to wrap around the length. The fly aways around the face really frame it and soften the overall style... Thumbs up. I likey. Missing my Dork Knight. Nods nods...

Word of the Day: Dejected

Tune of the Day: Ben's Brother - Stuttering (shup, I like it -.- )

Skin: Thursday 01 - Beach by Essences @ TBBS
Hair: Rewind 03 by Magika
Tattoo: Reversed Cross Chest Tattoo by Corvus
Eary Things: Elysium - Black by RO
Tights: Pistol Tights by Q
Top: Black Bustier by Q
Skirt: Mini Flare Skirt Stripes - Pink by {SMS} @TDRF
Bracelets: The Wanderer by League
Piercing: Scorpio v3 Frost by -.HoD.-
Gloves: Ree Gloves -Black Floral by [GLUE INK]

Ta- Ra!


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