Sunday, 31 March 2013

All your pictures are getting dirty, I don't want anyone elses...

Posted by Acacia at 15:16
Happy Zombie Jesus Day!!!  I do hope we all got lots and lots of chocolate to munch on! Was it nice and yummy? Mine was, as was the wonderful roast dinner I slaved away all day making (!) I decided a few days ago I would kidnap Shaggy for an Easter post, and I did! So my little fluffy serial killing bunny of doom, retribution and snuggles features heavily in this post :O Acacia's outfit features a smexilicious new Elisha hair from Truth which reminds me of Truths Winter release in the way it frames the face, of course it lacks the scarf, but in the way the springs gone awol I may be looking the scarf one out again. But, it really is a lovely hairstyle. Also included is the La Lapin set from Lazybones that I picked up at Fashion Week a week or so ago, very cute, and of course GOLA's mask and some pumps from The Arcade, the Miamai Mirelle racoon pumps in pink. It all ties in I like to think with a cute little Remarkable Oblivion bow... Shaggy has on some razorblade jacket mesh pants, I feel Kehl's mesh work really is fantastic, there's a corset floating about just now i'm yet to blog, yet utterly in love with. Pic heavy post!

Word of the Day: Retribution

Tune of the Day: Are you the Rabbit? - Marilyn Manson

On Acacia:
Shape: Maia (teaked) by Anatomy
Skin: Clover - Medium by Essences
Hair: Elisha - Barbie (fades) by Truth
Mask: Bunny Face by ~G O L A Industry~
Eyes: Shine eyes by .ID.
Bow: Briar Bow Headband by RO
Collar: Posture Collar 04 (r)M
Necklace: Yuha Woape Necklace by .:CoLL:.
Bodysuit: Le Lapin - Rose by lazybones
Nails & Rings: My Cute Pink Skull Rings by UtopiaH
Tattoo: Nature - Tangled In My Body by UtopiaH
Shoes: Mirellle'50 Racoon Pink by Miamai
On Shaggy:
Shape: His Own
Skin: Clown xy  by Fallen Gods
Hair: Mercenary/black by {soap}
Mask: Evil Bunneh (Easter Promotion 2012) by TonkTastic
Jeans: Jaw Breaker Grunge Jeans///stonewash by =Razorblade Jacket=
Shoes: Kicks (Leather and Gray) by Kicks
Tattoo: Oktober Manifesto by GoK
Muah! Have a great rest of your day! Don't forget Game of thrones tonight! <3


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