Thursday, 21 March 2013

Disarm you with a smile...

Posted by Acacia at 16:02
Boy hair! Bloke hair is a wonderful thing, I used to wear a ton of it on acacia way back, mostly mohawks, but, this one is just super cute and I loves it! Yay for Taketomi! Ive always been a massive Burley fan... Well, not just Burley, of course, I loved it labled as Anaphora, and love it just as much now! Anywho's short posty today as I'm in the middle of djing and probably shouldnt be tabbed out this much >.>
Shaggy brought a ho' to my set... Must beat her later >.>

Word of the Day: Haver
Tune of the Day:

Skin: Zara 06 - America by Glam Affair
Hair:  ryu dippudye07 by Taketomi
Hairbase: etched hair base 06a by Jomo
Ear wing things: Elysium - Black by Remarkable Oblivion @ SL Fashion Week
Collar: Posture Collar No.4 by (r)M
Piercings: decay, fire in the water (edited) and slither all by HoD
Tattoo: Snakebite - Colour by Para Designs
Corset: Nyx Corset - Black by League
Skirt: Leather Skirt - Black by Coeur
Tights: Thin Fishnet by Erratic
Boots: Tall Leather Boots by Slink

Finally, stuff is working, whee! <3


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