Saturday, 23 March 2013

Inside this fantasy it seems so real to me... Synthetic extasy when her legs are open...

Posted by Acacia at 09:40
Good morning you adorable little cupcakes! So, I had a whole nother set of pictures posted on flickr last night, planned on blogging them today, but, when I got up I decided to change them up a bit, I'll add the original look and details after the drop, but in the meantime, I have adorable new hair from Ploo, Ive been a big fan of Helyanwe's since my early years in SL, and still havent deleted the eleventy billion deviant kitties hairs sitting in my inventory, theyre just too cute to me. But anywho's I'm loving this new one Stephie, I saw it on flickr and had to run out and grabby hands all over it. Speaking of grabby hands due to Jaded informing me of only being one month shy of her year anniversary with Cross I had a search of my skype history and figured out Ive been with Shaggy around ten months... Boy that escalated quickly :O Seems like no time at all has passed, I suppose, time flies when you're having fun :D
 Anywho's the rest of the look is the delectable Beusy cardi annnd adorkable little shoes and new undies from Paradisis! Enjoy!

Word of the Day: Preterition

Tune of the Day: Celldweller - Frozen

Skin: Zara 06 - America by Glam Affair
Hair: Stephie by Ploom
Bow: Bow2 funk by (TokiD)
Tattoo: Snakebite - Black by Para Designs
Collar: Posture Collar 04 by (r)M
Cardi: Casual Cardi - Black by Beusy
Lingerie: Blossom - Black by Paradisis
Shoes: Natsuko's pumps - Black by Paradisis
And one for the road...
Same Lingerie, Skin, Shoes, Collar etc.
Hair: Steph - Infinity by The Alice Project

And that is all! <3


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