Monday, 18 March 2013

I wish I could be every little thing you wanted, all the time...

Posted by Acacia at 10:36
Like a sir! I have the cross-dressing event at noon today, so, I'm a boy! (Kind of) And of course my lotd is my event outfit (Whee!) I do love these silly events, I've never been a fan of the nudity based ones, undies, topless, sheers, but they do draw bigger crowds...But alas, I'm happy with my silliness, silly is good! Shaggy's going to relive his role as the bride apparently! Hot! He looks so pure and sweet in it :P My blushing, virginal little Swedish Bunny nods nods.

Word of the Day: Loyalty

Tune of the Day: Dishwalla - Every Little Thing

Skin: Amberly 03 - America by Glam Affair
Hair: Marisol - pumpkinpie by Truth
Jacket: One Button Blazer - Black by ISON
Pants: Horizon Twill Trousers - Black by { mon tissu }
Tie: Smexy Tie Necklace - MANDALA
Nails&Knuckles: Spiked Knuckles & Long Nails by UtopiaH
Monocle&Stache:  Stache 1 and Monocle by - DAMNED -

Annnd I'm spent :O


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