Sunday, 24 March 2013

I must admit, I can't explain, any of these thoughts racing through my brain...

Posted by Acacia at 11:04
Hello you cherubic little angel faces, I have pretties today, granted most are from c88, actually at least one's an older c88 item, but, I love it, so neener! I won't lie, this post is in fact short as hell, but I have very good reason... (Mass Effect 3 is a good enough reason to me!) But I shall be blogging again tonight, so neener again! I'd also like to add in how much a deeply adore the c88 event, it just makes me so happy when it rolls around, and I truly should make more of an effort to blog the new releases while they're still new, but keeping up with all the looks I wanna post is tough enough, frankly if I didn't get so sidetracked i'd probably add at least three posts a day, of course then I really would get dumped, already Shaggy waits around on me enough with the war-cry "Just finishing this post" "Just uploading these pics" le sigh... :P
Oh and as an aside, this skin!! I usually dislike darker tones, BUT, this group gift Zara skin from Glam Affair entitled Black Phoenix is utterly beautiful. Thank You Aida!

Word of the Day: Insouciance

Tune of the Day: The Black Keys - Howlin' For You


Skin: Zara - Black Phoenix by Glam Affair (Group Gift)
Hair: Flora - Garnet by D!va @c88
Dress: Pony Dress - Onyx - [AUX] (older c88 item)
Shoes: Saddle Shoe - Polka Dots by -tb- @c88
Earrings: Chained Crucifix Earrings - Black by bellballs (mainstore currently closed meep)
Necklace: Double Crossed Necklace - Black by bellballs (mainstore currently closed meep)

Sorry for the unavailability's :O <3


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