Thursday, 28 March 2013

No one plots like Gaston...

Posted by Acacia at 10:41
And week three is upon us, another week another Disney character, this one is most certainly a favourite of mine, the vain, narcissistic and utterly loathsome Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, I was nine when this was released and adored it, it's probably in my top five favourite Disney films. I had the dolls and everything! Anywho's for Gaston, well you have to pull of the aloof, none of this posing with your arms crossed nonsense, he's a big character who liked to show off :O

The look's fairly simple, lots of bits and bobs I had laying around, and a couple I didn't... Let's just say mustard is not my usual colour of choice >.> But, with that, I shall get on with the pics and goodies, annnd adieu!

Word of the Day: Enamoured (You know who you are! As does every one else :P )

Tune of the Day: Gaston - Beauty and the Beast

Shape: Maia (Slightly tweaked :P) by Anatomy
Skin: Clover - Sunkissed by Essences
Hair: Kirby - Night by Truth
Eyes: Sunrise Eyes - Pale Steel Blue by IKON
Shirt: Sheer Cotton Body - Red by Deetalez
Corset: Ribbed Corset - Red by Sn@tch
Pants: Laether Skinny Pants - Black by Maitreya
Boots: Far Boots - Plaid by MIEL
Scarf: Stylish Stole Plain - Mustard by ::K::
Gloves: Armsox - Mustard by KANDYSS
Belt: Cali Cords Belt by MIEL

Ta ra m'lovelies!! <3


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