Saturday, 2 March 2013

You gave me this, made me give...

Posted by Acacia at 04:52
Morning lovelies, nice, quick one for you right now, as I cannot be arsed typing really, all sorts of family drama going on in my kitchen, basically my sister's being a plank. Anywhos we have a delectable little number I picked up at the boobies show a while back and forgot to blog, this right here happens to me a lot, I think ive explained I suffer from 'oh shiny' a lot... Buy things, forget they exists only to find them a week or two later and be all over that shit like a fat kid on a pie. It's awesome. Where was I before I sauntered off with my colourful analogy... Yes, the Bunneh Avenger set from Epic, I loved it, reminded me wholy of the Hurricane video by 30 seconds to mars, but I've already used that... No beuno. Oh did you know the Churchill tank was in fact not named after Winston Churchill! I learnt something new today courtesy of Shaggy's pew pewing! Yay me!

Word of the Day: Infantry

Tune of the Day: Bush - Mouth

Shape: Fearful Symmetry
Skin: Ava Medium by Belleza
Hair: Magdalena - Lava by Truth
Outfit: Bunneh Avenger Set by Epic @ The boobies Show
Tights:  Torn Fishnet Black by *Sheer*
Boots: Tall Leather Thigh Boots by Slink

Ta-ra chooks! <3


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