Saturday, 9 March 2013

Don't you see it's you and me against the world, cause we're in this together...

Posted by Acacia at 06:36
Hello! By crikey it's a cold one, I could carve glass over here >.> Anywhos, Blogged! Lots of random stuffles, some never before seen gracing my pages, others may have been worn once or twice, but all in all, I like it! keeping it rather simple. I got a second (Technically third, or even fourth since I'm in staff groups for other clubs as a fill) Gig, I shall be djing at Kayos now aswell as Sanctuary, best part, I'm not stuck playing one or two genres, I can play anything except country! Whee! It's a nice change, not that I'm giving up my Monday shift at SR kthx. Shaggy has me watching a new show, it has to be the most retarded thing Ive ever seen but I love it. I really have been under a rock tv wise last few years (Aside from my staples, GoT, True blood, Americas Next Top Model, don't judge me >.>) But, Blue Mountain State is so disgustingly funny, like the grossest bits of American Pie and Van Wilder in a 30 minute episode. Love it. Now for my Lotd! Enjoy! Also, today is the start of SL's relay for life. Kiosks will be all over the place, and there shall be a couple at Sanctuary. Give generously, it's a damn good cause.

Word of the Day: Linchpin

Tune of the Day: Apoptygma Berzerk - In this Together

Antlers:  Eternum Antlers  - White Black Studded by +Half Deer+ @ The Arcade
Brand: Branding - Stars 65% by ::[annaA]::
Panties: Slide Panties - Dino by SAKIDE (as Sassy Kitty)
Toodles! <3


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