Thursday, 7 March 2013

No compromise, brutal eyes, no compromise for the nameless fuck...

Posted by Acacia at 05:49
Bon après-midi mes amours, I hope we are all well today? I have yet more fair and event goodies for you! But before we get to the pretties, which, let me tell you are absolutely adorkable, I have a rant...
 It's about hard work, I know a bajillion (maybe a slight exaggeration) of people in SL that work so hard on a daily basis, yet don't even get a thank you, when I myself know just how hard the job they do is (I couldn't hack it and eventually quit!)... In particular, managers of the clubs we work at... All you see is the notices, but the things they deal with, not only is there the kerfuffle of balancing it around your real life family and work, there's the no-shows, the lack of responses, the constant barrage of questions, which frequently you don't know the answer to, the stress, listening to the snide remarks, the drama, the egos... Everything, it takes it's toll. So for that, thank you. And know you are appreciated, even if it doesn't feel that way at times.  
Ok, back to the prettiness, hair is Truths offering to the Arcade, at first I was not sold on this 'do' but, as times gone on and particularly with this look Ive grown rather fond of it, the colour and style is just cuteness, it comes with it's own little flower attachment (which is not shown, it was simply too much with the antlers) The skin by Pink Fuel, which I really want in a more day to day colour but 3 elphabas and a purple stripe later, this may not be happening, so I'll take what I got and like it! The shirt I failed to pick up (meep) Buuut, Ms. Jaded tossed one at me (so another thank you for you lady!) is the paper doll bow bandeu and super cute it is too! The aforementioned are all from the Arcade along with Glam Affairs Slice of Paradise Antlers, another favourite of mine. Annd last but not least we have a SAKIDE offering from wcf2 the Disco Fever Shorts, they also come with their own cropped shirt, which I'll get to flashing at a later date!
Oh, oh, Shaggy got me watching Breaking Bad finally... I loves it precious... <3 I needed something to fill the gap between following episodes :P

Word of the Day: Preferentialism

Tune of the Day: Wumpscut - Fuckit



Shape: Fearful Symmetry
Skin: Purple Stripe by [PF] @ The Arcade
Hair: Video Games - Purple by Truth @ The Arcade
Antlers: Slice of Paradise - Purple by Glam Affair @ The Arcade
Shirt: Bow Bandeau - Apple  by :Paper.Doll: @ The Arcade
Shorts: Disco Fever Shorts by [ SAKIDE ] @ WCF2

Ta-Ra! <3


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