Monday, 25 March 2013

Pas de mots...

Posted by Acacia at 18:20
My posts are usually entitled with song lyrics, alas, this tune, which I adore has none... So i decided to be utterly pretentious and go French! Yay me! My blog's called music, mania and mundane musings, I feel you get all of the above more often than not with a twist of fashion for posterity, but today, I'm going to focus on this tune... Close your eyes and really listen.  To me it brings to mind a kiss, one of those movie kisses, and this song, for me anyway, captures that moment, so perfectly... And that was the mundane musing... Assez.
 Fashion! I am once again wearing the Daenarys shirt i picked up from wcf2, created by The Plastik of course, so, so pretty. This outfit was for my Monday event, best in skank or something like that (It was the lusty event, but skank's close enough...) And of course I went all skankalicious. Panties are an oldie, released by Kinu back when SAKIDE was Sassy Kitty, but they still remain a staple part of my wardrobe never to be deleted. And the hairs a pretty Wasabi number coupled with UtopiaH's lazy Sunday headband release, I was feeling colourful! The headbands are available in a variety of colours and I suggest you go buy them all. Also, the nails. Buy the nails.
Speaking of kisses... I'm going to wander off now and make my own perfect moments with Dork Knight...

Word of the Day: Need

Tune of the Day: The XX - Intro ( Beginning oddly reminds me of tv on the radio's wolf like me... Hmm)


Skin: Clover 01 - Sunkissed by Essences @ Skin Fair
Hair: Valerie - Flaming Cherry by Wasabi Pills
Hairband: Spiky Headband - Rainbow  by UtopiaH
Collar: Posture Collar 04 by (r)M
Shirt: Daenarys Shirt - Roma by The Plastik @WCF2
Panties: Slide Panties - Queen by SAKIDE
Tights: Fishnet Thin - Black by Erratic
Legwarmers: Legwarmers with shoes - Black by Perle
Nails & Knuckles: Spiked Knuckles and Long Nails by UtopiaH
Gloves: Ree Gloves - Floral by Glue Ink

Nighty Night! <3


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