Monday, 11 March 2013

No virgin me, for I have sinned, I sold my soul, for sex and gin...

Posted by Acacia at 08:15
Bloggey blog blog... (Frightening, I just said that aloud in the voice of Mister Blobby) I have stuff for you! I say stuff, because none of it is particularly new... But, it is very much adored. The reasoning behind it is purely, it's a Monday, this means I have my weekly set at Sanctuary, and today's event is Dark as Night, so basically, any dark colour. I decided to step away from black for the day, and here be the result. This stunning wee dress I picked up last year at c88, and totally forgot about (Sorry dress! :*(  ) But, it does happen to me a lot, I buy so much stuff and then forget about it, especially at events like c88. I'm pretty sure Ive previously blogged the rest of the outfit, but that makes it no-less special in my eyes. Short wee post today, not feeling stellar, annnd Shaggy's adamant I'm getting a phone call from Jesus, why you ask? Ive no fucking idea... But the phone does keep ringing, maybe it's a sign?

Word Important thingy of the Day: 42  It's Douglas Adams Birthday!

Tune of the Day: Chumbawamba - Mary, Mary

Shape: Fearful Symmetry
Skin: Amberly 03 - America by Glam Affair
Hair: Yesterday -03 by Magika
Eyes: Moody Eyes by .ID.
Crown: The Floral Crown by Beusy
Dress: C88 Lace Dress- Purple by -tb- (Pretty sure it's no longer available)
Tights: Pistol Tights by Q
Stockings: Garter Nylons - Black by **
Boots: Studded Long Boots - Black by J's

Ta ra lovies! Oh, oh, it's snowing, all heavy n shiz :O I'm gonna build a snow peen in my garden named Roberto! <3


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