Wednesday, 20 March 2013

I feel so untouched, and I want you so much, that I just can't resist you...

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Good afternoon my wee love-crumpets! How you all doing? I'm fantabulous, highly addicted to ME3, in fact it was a fight to log off it and do this... I blame Shaggy, his influence made me do it, then again his influence makes me do a lot of things (Giggity) Anywho, aherm, blog, yes, right, fashiony stuff! I have the one and only Zara by Glam Affair, I'm loving this skin, especially the mouth, so, so pretty, and the body detail as always is stunning. She looks a little more grown up than Amberly, whom I also adore, but not in a bad way. And not by much, she's let's say a little more refined looking, a lady what lunches. I am also still sporting my pretty little N-core shoesies I do like these, delicious is a fitting name, and we have a cute wee shirt from this round of perfect wardrobe, it has lolas appliers too, but I neglected to get my jubblies out. If you're added to my flickr you'll also see I picked up coeur's incredibly pretty Kawaii corset, I love Alex to bits on a personal level, but with releases like this she is most certainly finding her feet, and I look forward to many more. But on that note... On with the stuffs!

Word of the Day: Addict

Tune of the Day: The Veronicas - Untouched

Shape: Fearful Symmetry
Skin: Zara 06 - America by Glam Affair @Skin Fair
Hair: Lala - Red 05 by =Dela*=
Makeup: Pearl Embellished eyeliner - White by Glam Affair
Necklace: Banshee Skull Heart by MG
Tattoo: Stars and Cracked Checkers by UtopiaH
Nails & Knuckles: Painful Blow Spiked Rings and Sharp Nails by UtopiaH
Head-Wings: Elysium - Black by Remarkable Oblivion @SL Fashion Week
Shorts: Hanalei Shorts - Black by { mon tissu }
Shirt: Stay Kawaii by ~ G O L A Industry ~ @Perfect Wardrobe
Shoes: Delicious - Black by N-core

Asss an added bonus I'm gonna add the pic I took last night, details included :o

Shape/Skin/Makeup/Nails as above.
Corset: coeur. @Perfect Wardrobe Kawaii corset pink
Hair: (r)M No.10
Collar: (r)M Posture Collar No.04

Muah!! <3


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